Photiq Wedding & Portrait Photography

8387 Meadow Run Cove
Germantown, TN 38138

Photiq believes that photography is a unique medium and critiques life. When we say "critique," we mean "to study in detail." The moment an image is captured by the camera's lens, it isn't the same one second later. And when you view/study these images months or even years later, you can recall where you were and what you were feeling when that specific picture was taken.
With such a powerful tool, we take the art and love of photography seriously. We know how important your special day is to you. We want you to have total confidence that we will make your photographic adventures unique and filled with joyful memories.
Photiq offers photography by two camera professionals at each event. Our aim is to help you enjoy our time of photography together as well as make each photograph a unique keepsake.

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